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Regular Sponsors

BOSCO LEGAL SERVICES  (Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

Bosco Legal Services, Inc., founded in 1988, has grown to be a top legal service provider with offices throughout Southern California. The company is a member of the California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro), California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), and the National Council of Investigation and Security Services (NCISS). The company specializes in a wide range of services, including: Court Document Filing, E-Filing and Research, Document Preparation including Subpoenas and Notifications to Opposing Counsel, Service of Process, Small Claims Assistance, Onsite Digital Imaging, Private Investigations, Asset Locates, Background Checks, Workers Comp Investigations, Witness Statements, Stakeouts and Surveillance, and Bank Levies and Wage Garnishments.


LAW OFFICES OF BRUCE COLODNY  (Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

The Law Offices of Bruce Colodny are based in San Bernardino and specialize in criminal defense and the restoration of gun rights. 


ESQUIRE DEPOSITION SOLUTIONS  (Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

Esquire Deposition Solutions provides easy access to comprehensive deposition services anywhere in the world. Esquire provides support for over 125,000 depositions every year, with extensive experience in all litigation practice areas, including bankruptcy, commercial finance, class action, construction defect, intellectual property, employment, and securities fraud. Esquire provides managed court reporting programs to over 180 corporate clients and the largest law firms in the United States, delivering excellent deposition services at an outstanding value.

LAW OFFICES OF EDWARD B. FISCHEL, LL.M., APLC  (Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

The Law Offices of Edward B. Fischel, LL.M., APLC are based in San Bernardino and specialize in the following practice areas: Elder Law; Litigation; Trusts & Estates; and, Wills & Probate.  

GENERAL TECHNIQUE  (Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

General Technique is a full service technology provider that specializes in helping businesses develop and maintain all aspects of their business technology including digital advertising, information technology and managed services. Each business solution is designed and implemented specifically for the needs of each individual client.

NATIONWIDE LEGAL  (Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

Nationwide Legal provides a broad spectrum of services to assist the legal community. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver solutions for all legal support needs. Fully staffed operational divisions specialize in numerous areas including, but not limited to: service of process, court filings, e-Filing, e-discovery, ground courier and messenger services, document retrieval, photocopy services, digital document solutions, subpoena preparation and service, deposition officer services, investigation services, out-of-state and international services, as well as collection and unlawful detainer services. A fully-computerized system is able to provide clients with real time status reports.

As a member of the California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro) as well as the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), Nationwide Legal has access to a formidable and reliable professional network of associates that can file, serve, and deliver anywhere in the United States.


ONE LEGAL (Law Firm Sponsor)

Easy to use solutions, premium customer support and in-depth knowledge of the courts, make One Legal the most desirable single platform for litigation support services. With a 25 year proven track record, they consistently deliver trustworthy, accurate and on-time services that save their customers time, while reducing risk.

One Legal lead the industry in building efficient, easy-to-use tools for attorneys and legal support professionals. One Legal’s eFile and eService solutions have been successfully deployed in multiple states, and they offer access to service of process and court research and retrieval requests nationwide.

PAINTER, SMITH & AMBERG  (Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

Experience and integrity, service and research, discipline and diligence—these are the qualities which Painter, Smith, & Amberg, Inc. offers to its clientele in a continuing effort to provide the very best in investment services.


RIVERSIDE CITY COLLEGE  (Paralegal Educational Facility Sponsor)

Riverside City College is the most dynamic and diverse college in the Inland Empire. From its opening in 1916 on the site of the former Poly High School, Riverside City College has grown to be one of California's leading community colleges and is a landmark in downtown Riverside.  Serving more than 19,000 students each semester, Riverside City College provides students with a wide range of choices including associate's degree programs, transfer to a four-year college or university, or career certificates that prepare them to enter the workforce. Riverside City College is home to strong programs in liberal arts, science, performing arts, the School of Nursing and athletics.


SAN BERNARDINO SYMPHONY  (Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

The San Bernardino Symphony is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the region, consistently reaching unmatched standards of musical performance. Five annual concerts are held at the historic California Theatre in downtown San Bernardino, but the Symphony also performs throughout the region, often free of charge to attendees, thus allowing the Symphony to fulfill its mission of making symphonic music readily accessible to the diverse populations of San Bernardino and Riverside counties.


(Fall Half-Day Conference Sponsor)

Serve Legal Process is dedicated to providing its customers, be they law firms, corporate legal departments, or individuals, with efficient and dependable process services, including the development of protocols and innovation of cutting-edge methods.


TAYLORMORSE  (Newsletter Sponsor)

TaylorMorse, the Litigation Document Retrieval company, focuses on delivering seamless litigation processing to the insurance and legal communities. Documents are processed electronically and can be delivered on-line through a secure internet based application or in traditional paper form. With more than thirty years of combined legal photocopy experience, and a winning team of employees, you’ll find that the laborious task of document retrieval is a thing of the past. Services include: Extensive On Line Research, Subpoena Creation and Service, Fee Advancement, On-Line Status Review, Digital Document Retrieval, On-Site Document Imaging, Blueprint, Photo, and Film Reproduction, Large Volume Reproduction, and Permanent Electronic Records Archive.



Continuing education opportunities for everyone, UCR Extension's courses are open to the public and taught by professionals with real world experience in their fields. We take pride in providing individual attention to students and to serving the community's changing needs. Course formats include one-day workshops, weekend programs, seminars, intensive short courses and courses that meet once a week during the 10-week academic quarter. Many classes are offered at night and on weekends to accommodate busy schedules. Custom-designed courses are also presented at employers' work sites. All of UCR Extension's academic programs are developed in conjunction with, and are sometimes taught by, UCR faculty, thus ensuring that students receive the same uncompromising standard of excellence upheld by the University.


UNISEARCH (Bronze Sponsor)

UNISEARCH Inc. is a public records research firm that specializes in the search, retrieval, and filing of public documents in all 50 states and internationally. Their services and tools offer an extensive range of Uniform Commercial Code/Lien and Corporate services to the legal, financial and business communities.


Interested in sponsoring ICAP? Some 2018 sponsorships are still available.

If you are part of the legal community or one of its providers, ICAP invites you to become a corporate sponsor to increase your visibility within the legal community and be recognized for your support of this professional association. For more information, please view and print our Corporate Sponsorship Form. Mail your completed form to:


Post Office Box 143

Riverside, CA 92502-0143

For more information you may contact our Corporate Sponsor Chairperson at

If you wish to make a (secure) sponsorship payment online via PayPal, you may do so by clicking on the button below corresponding to your choice of level of sponsorship. 

(Please note we must pass along processing fees for online payments, as identified below.  Payments by check incur no processing fees):

Full Website Sponsor  $1,000.00
alt  ($30.18 Processing Fee)
NALA Liaison Sponsor $800.00
  ($24.20 Processing Fee)alt
Newsletter Sponsor  $500.00
alt  ($15.24 Processing Fee)
Annual Holiday Party Sponsor $300.00
alt  ($9.27 Processing Fee)
Paralegal Day Lucheon Sponsor $300.00
alt  ($9.27 Processing Fee)
Bronze Tier Sponsor  $200.00
alt  ($6.28 Processing Fee)
Law Firm Sponsor (Plan A)  $200.00
alt  ($6.28 Processing Fee)
Law Firm Sponsor (Plan B)  $200.00
alt  ($6.28 Processing Fee)
Paralegal Educational Facility Sponsor 

alt  ($3.30 Processing Fee)

For those making a sponsorship payment via PayPal, please be sure to still email/mail a completed sponsorship form to us as directive above.

Address: ICAP, P.O. Box 143, Riverside, California 92502-0143 
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